Ethnographic Methods and Data Analysis

Ethnography is known as a qualitative research method often used by cultural anthropologists during their extensive fieldwork trips around the world. However, we'll be learning about those ethnographic techniques and approaches that have become popular in North American workplaces and are similar to the tools used by user experience designers and researchers. Participants in this 1-day workshop will learn about participant observation, ethnographic writing, ethnographic interviews, genealogical research, and auto-ethnography techniques. In addition to learning ethnographic methods, participants will learn qualitative coding techniques associated with content analysis. This session provides an overview of how to select and apply codes, the strengths and weaknesses of different analytical approaches, and best practices when interpreting ethnographic data. Throughout the workshop, participants will receive hands-on experience working through case studies and in-class projects. Participants will learn methods and techniques that can be used in their workplace or as a supplement to other research methods.



Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 09:00 to 17:00


Frank C. Peters, Rm. P327


Basic knowledge of qualitative research methods