Learning to Communicate Your Research and Findings

Knowledge translation involves moving your research out of the “academic” realm and to those who can put the results of your research inquiries into action. This process begins when you start your research project and continues through the conclusion of the data analysis and production of findings. This course will take you through the knowledge translation planning process focused on social sciences and humanities-based research topics.

The morning session will cover the details of what knowledge mobilization is and give examples of how you might go about thinking about how to mobilize your knowledge. How to design a communications plan for your research and what options to mobilize your research are available through Laurier and other universities.

For the afternoon session, participants will be required – in advance – to 1) submit a summary of their research and 2) choose to take one of two options

  • Option 1: Writing for publication and research reports 
  • Option 2: :  Writing your knowledge mobilization plan -- If you have completed a project or piece of research you would like to spread the word about, this afternoon will take you through the process of mobilizing your knowledge. Please bring a piece of research (or program evaluation or other item) you would like to mobilize. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 09:00 to 17:00